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Breaking Through Resistance

Teachers resist change for a variety of reasons. In this workshop, you learn what causes resistance in teachers as well as concrete strategies to address the resistance.

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Increasing Teacher Buy In

Go beyond basic compliance and learn how to engage your teachers in improving classroom practices.

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Causing Change That Sticks

Frustrated when your teachers return back to their old ways? This workshop is for you.

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Building Trust with Difficult Teachers and Teams

Trust can be intentionally built with all your teachers - even the difficult ones. Learn concrete strategies.

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HelpingĀ  Teachers Focus on What's Important

When district priorities don't align with your own, it causes burnout and high turnover. Learn how to focus on what's important.

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Empowering the

"Stuck" Teacher

Some of your teachers haven't made much progress. Learn why they are stuck and how to get them growing.

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"Unpacking" the Leader's ComplaintsĀ 

You have valid frustrations from this school year. Learn how they're useful and how to make them better.

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Getting to the Root Cause of Ineffectiveness

Learn a methodology of coaching that drills down to the root issues of teachers' ineffectiveness.

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Having Difficult Conversations

Learn a research based process on how to have tough conversations when stakes are high, perspectives differ and emotions are strong.

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One-On-One Coaching

If you have been eager to impact your teachers, but are not sure how to empower them, invest in your professional development!We offer customized one on one coaching that supports the specific goals of instructional coaches and school leaders. 

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