Empowering the "Stuck" Teacher

One of the keys to unlocking impact is to understand and recognize Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset, and what it looks like in adults.  You will learn strategies on how to support and grow adult Growth Mindsets one on one as well as support a Growth Mindset culture.

Length: 1.5 hours

Format: Live - Virtual (inquire about in-person options)

Components of Growth and Fixed Mindset

Coaches learn the little known (and often incorrectly learned) components of growth and fixed mindsets when it comes to teachers' relationship with challenge, effort, feedback and others' success.

Concrete Strategies

Coaches are given a Growth Mindsets Responses Tool that empowers them with coaching sentence starters to be used in varying situations.

Shifting Mindsets

Coaches learn the three components necessary to shift mindsets. They learn the philosophy behind the coaching responses and are empowered to authentically integrate the work into their own language and practice.

The Tools You Need to Empower "Stuck" Teachers

Live Workshop (Virtual)


  • Distinguish Between Growth and Fixed Mindsets in Adults
  • Concrete Strategies 
  • Immersive Practices
  • Modeling
  • Intentional Practice
  • Action Steps

Live Workshop with Follow Up Coaching


  • All features of live workshop
  • Follow up on action steps from the workshop
  • Coaching support on barriers to success
  • Intentional next steps
  • Create a sustainable change plan

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