Helping Teachers

Focus On What's Important

Continue looking deeply into your beliefs, mindsets and priorities.  Uncover how your beliefs and commitments fit into the context of the school’s priorities.  Sometimes, district-led initiatives can feel thwarting to a coach’s intentions and priorities. Here, you will learn strategies that empower you in all contexts, including reconciling your school/district priorities with your own.

Length: 1.5 hours

Format: Live - Virtual (inquire about in-person options)

Commitments Framework

Coaches learn a framework that addresses reasons behind teacher resistance and a process to reconcile when teachers' priorities differ from their own.

Concrete Strategies

Coaches learn strategies to address differing priorities and refocus educators on what's important.

Shifting Mindsets

Coaches learn how to identify their limiting mindsets around teachers that have differing priorities. By thinking differently, they are able to create different coaching moves they previously couldn't see.

The Tools You Need To Help Resistant Teachers Focus on What's Important

Live Workshop (Virtual)


  • Learn how to distinguish commitments
  • Concrete Strategies 
  • Immersive Practices
  • Modeling
  • Intentional Practice
  • Action Steps

Live Workshop with Follow Up Coaching


  • All features of live workshop
  • Follow up on action steps from the workshop
  • Coaching support on barriers to success
  • Intentional next steps
  • Create a sustainable change plan

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