Breaking Through Resistance

Teachers resist change for a variety of reasons. In this workshop, you learn what causes resistance in teachers as well as how to address the resistance using research based adult learning practices. Coaches and leaders learn the 4 Levels of Resistance and the specific strategies that address each level.

Length: 1.5 hours

Format: Live - Virtual (inquire about in-person options)

Levels of Resistance Framework

Coaches learn how to differentiate between the four levels of resistance. They map their teachers in the framework and are able to see clear next steps in addressing the resistance.

Concrete Strategies

Coaches utilize the Levels of Resistance and learn concrete strategies to address each level. Coaches are given PDFs and tools to implement immediately with their educators.

Adult Learning Theories

Coaches learn the reasoning behind resistance and the varying forms it takes. Coaches learn how to manage resistance utilizing research based adult learning theories.

The Tools You Need to

Impact Resistant Teachers

On Demand Workshop


  • All features of live workshop
  • Pre-recorded workshop that can be played anytime, anywhere
  • Unlimited access to replays

Live Workshop (Virtual)


  • 9 Forms of Resistance
  • Levels of Resistance Framework
  • Concrete strategies 
  • Immersive practices
  • Modeling
  • Intentional practice
  • Action Steps

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