"Unpacking" the Leader's Complaints

You will learn how useful complaints are!  We “unpack” the complaints together and practice getting empowered and action-oriented around the complaints.  There is an important distinction made between being empowered and toxic positivity.  You will build on the mindset work and deepen your mindset-shifting practices.

Length: 1.5 hours

Format: Live - Virtual (inquire about in-person options)

FIRE Your Complaints Framework

Coaches learn a Whole Educator-specific framework that enables them to tackle educators' complaints powerfully.

High Impact Strategies

Coaches are taught concrete strategies that have historically transformed teacher behaviors (sometimes overnight).

Coaching Mindsets

In combination with concrete strategies, coaches learn how to think differently about coaching their educators in a way that dramatically improves their coaching effectiveness and outcomes.

The Tools You Need to Reduce Teacher Resistance

Live Workshop (Virtual)


  • Learn how complaints can be useful
  • Concrete Strategies 
  • Immersive Practices
  • Modeling
  • Intentional Practice
  • Action Steps

Live Workshop with Follow Up Coaching


  • All features of live workshop
  • Follow up on action steps from the workshop
  • Coaching support on barriers to success
  • Intentional next steps
  • Create a sustainable change plan

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