Having Difficult Conversations

Learn a research based process on how to have tough conversations when stakes are high, perspectives differ and emotions are strong. Learn a framework for navigating such conversations effectively, practical tools and techniques to enhance dialogue, manage emotions, and achieve positive outcomes in crucial conversations at work and in personal life. These tools help individuals foster open communication, build understanding, and reach consensus even in challenging circumstances.

Length: 5-6 hours (full day)

Format: In-person

Components of Crucial Conversations

Leaders learn multiple frameworks that guide them through the process of dialogue that causes effective results.

Concrete Strategies

Leaders apply and practice multiple strategies that make difficult conversations stay focused and have a win-win outcome.

Shifting Mindsets

Leaders investigate how their previous thinking about difficult conversations has been misguided. They are then guided on how to think about difficult conversations so they are able to apply the frameworks across diverse situations and scenarios.

The Tools You Need To Have Tough Conversations with Teachers and Teams

In Person Workshop


  • Full day professional development
  • Printable workbook
  • Immediate application, coaching and feedback
  • Customized for unique school/district challenges

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