Causing Change That Sticks

This professional development equips school leaders and coaches to drive lasting change ("sticky change") within their institutions. It explores three key areas: building habits, not-your-typical coaching cycles, and the change adoption curve. Participants will gain insights into how to cultivate positive habits within their staff (instead of temporary "bandaids"), and fostering a culture conducive to continuous improvement. They'll delve into unique coaching cycles based on the science of behavior change. Finally, the program examines the change adoption curve, helping leaders anticipate resistance and navigate different staff perspectives to ensure long-term successful implementation of new initiatives.

Length: 3 hours

Format: Virtual


Coaching Cycle

Leaders learn a type of short coaching cycle that is created based on the science of behavior change. Leaders also learn how the CHange Adoption Curve helps cuase building-wide sustained change.

Concrete Strategies

Leaders learn strategies on how to help their teachers make the improvements to their classrooms a habit (instead of a temporary change).

Shifting Mindsets

Leaders learn how to think about behavior change from a human-centered lens. Leaders are amazed at how this shift saves time, energy and improves student outcomes building-wide.

The Tools You Need To Cause Teachers Not to Return to Their Old Ways

Virtual Workshop


  • 3 Hour professional development
  • Printable workbook
  • Immediate application, coaching and feedback
  • Customized for unique school/district challenges

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