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Are you an instructional coach yearning for deeper impact, but are feeling frustrated by...

  • Teachers resistant to change? You pour your heart into coaching, but progress feels slow and inconsistent.
  • Your own "advice monster"? You jump in with solutions too quickly, hindering teachers' ownership and growth.
  • Lack of time and resources? You're overloaded and struggling to fit professional development into your already packed schedule.
  • Feeling isolated and unsupported? You crave a community of like-minded coaches to share challenges and celebrate successes.
  • Teachers that return back to their old ways, implementing ineffective strategies in the classroom?

You're not alone.

Coaches face unique challenges every day. 

But what if there was a way to reduce resistance, build  buy in and drive real (and lasting) progress in your school?





We'll teach you how to:

  • Navigate resistance with ease: understand why resistance happens and learn strategies to reduce resistance that can be implemented right away.
  • Focus on what’s important: Learn how to identify and address competing commitments and discover strategies for prioritizing effectively and setting healthy boundaries to maintain your own energy and well-being.
  • Sharpen your coaching skills: Distinguish between what is coaching and what isn't, mastering the art of guiding teachers towards self-discovery and sustainable change.
  • Create change that lasts: Get to the root cause of ineffectiveness, implement powerful coaching models like the SUSS It Out framework, have conversations that breakthrough resistance, and navigate tough (and important) conversations with confidence and clarity.
  • Teach them to "fish": Learn to empower teachers to find their own answers, cultivate adult growth mindsets and be open to different solutions.
  • Create a coaching culture: Learn the required elements needed to foster a supportive environment where teachers seek out coaching and feel heard and valued.

It’s time to stop surviving and start thriving.

MODULE #1: Building Buy In & Reducing Resistance

Break through the one-size-fits-all approach by learning to identify teacher readiness for change, and tailor your coaching strategies to effectively support diverse learners and maximize your impact on all staff.

MODULE #2: Growing Trust 

Build your coaching relationships on a strong foundation. Deconstruct how trust is grown, learn essential communication tools, and gain practical strategies to build genuine connections with teachers for immediate, impactful coaching.

MODULE #3: Shifting Mindsets

Navigate the spectrum of adult mindsets, learn practical strategies to nurture growth-oriented mindsets, and foster a collaborative growth mindset culture that celebrates continuous learning.

MODULE #4: Finding Solutions for Our Frustations

Transform frustration into actionable solutions by learning to distinguish our perceptions, navigate complex situations collaboratively, and empower teachers to move beyond helplessness towards positive change, avoiding the pitfalls of toxic positivity.

MODULE #5: The Root Causes of Ineffectiveness 

Find the root cause when your coaching doesn't seem to stick and your teachers return to their old ways (or they won't even try in the first place). 


MODULE #6: Stay Focused on What's Important

Navigate the potential tension between your coaching goals and district priorities by learning to bridge the gap, ensuring your efforts align with the broader system while empowering your individual impact. This will help your teachers navigate these goals as well!

How the Academy Works 

Professional Development

Each module starts with a whole group professional development, where you will learn new concepts, apply and reflect on unique frameworks and collaborate with colleagues on effective implementation.

Application and Coaching

Between each session, you will put the new frameworks and learning into action. You will be able to sure your reflections and experiences privately and receive coaching from Becca! 

Experiential Learning

When you come for the next module, you’ll be ready to share your experiences and reflections. Coaches find it powerful to learn that others are having similar struggles and hear the creative ways they are finding solutions.

Download the Academy Roadmap Here


As the CEO and Founder of The Whole Educator, I like to think of myself as multi-passionate and mildly obsessed with all things coaching. I'm a former teacher, instructional coach, life coach and leadership coach. I'm a world traveler and complete extrovert. Having lived internationally for years, I understand the importance of looking beneath the surface to understand people's behaviors and choices. 

I can read people by just talking to them for a few minutes and care deeply about the folks around me thriving. I'll help you move from using vague coaching strategies to understanding the source of your teachers' actions and apply differentiated strategies from a well-developed coaching toolbelt.

Imagine how you will feel  impacting all teachers:

  1. Empowered: You witness it firsthand – teachers confidently take ownership of their practice, driving positive change in their classrooms. You see your support translate into self-assured educators making a lasting impact with all teachers (even those resisting change).

  2. Fulfilled: You've fostered a collaborative and supportive environment built on trust and mutual respect. Seeing these strong relationships blossom among educators fulfills you. You're part of a community where professional growth is encouraged and celebrated, creating a truly rewarding work environment.

  3. Satisfied: Witnessing teachers overcome challenges and buy into the changes brings immense satisfaction. You know your support played a part in alleviating frustrations and contributing to their success, ultimately benefiting students. This sense of gratification fuels your passion for coaching.

  4. Proud: Equipping teachers with the skills and mindset to navigate challenges independently and continue their growth journey instills a deep sense of pride in you. You take pride in knowing your coaching has had a lasting impact, empowering educators to become self-sufficient and continue their professional development beyond the initial program. Their ongoing success is a testament to your dedication.

  5. Confident: Your success translates into confidence:

    • Confidence in Impact: You believe your coaching strategies and methods are effective, creating positive changes within the school or district.

    • Confidence in Growth: You trust the teachers you support are equipped to continuously develop their skills and reach their full potential.

    • Confidence in Sustainability: You are confident that the impact of your coaching will extend beyond the initial intervention, leading to long-term improvements in teaching and learning.


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