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Find and develop the potential in every teacher

through a powerful coaching method that will empower even your most resistant teacher.

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Can we get real for a minute?


Coaching teachers in 2023 is different.


Teachers are burned out.

You don't need me to tell you how exhausted your teachers are. They're feeling increased pressure from all directions, and they're being asked to put their lives on the line for their profession. Even your most ambitious teachers are losing hope. They're in survival mode. How are we, as coaches, supposed to help when the issues teachers face are out of our hands?


Student learning loss is real. (And the gap is only widening.)

Your teachers are feeling pressure from the district, the principal, and the parents to catch students up. In reality, the gap is only widening as students and teachers face chronic absences and a sub shortage. It feels like you're in charge of building a 7 mile long bridge in the middle of a hurricane... and you're worried about how your role will weather the storm.


Your role is more challenging now than ever before.

Being a coach also means being ready and flexible when it comes to change. But I don't think we could've predicted exactly how much change you would be expected to deal with. How are you supposed to help your teachers when circumstances are changing daily?


The Whole Educator Approach Foundations

Learn a transformative approach for identifying and developing the potential in every teacher.

What's included?


On Demand Content

Inside, you'll learn The Whole Educator Approach. 

Typically, coaches are hired because of demonstrated content knowledge and skillful teaching in the classroom. We will acknowledge and intentionally develop your coaching skills- your ability to impact and influence others.



Being reflective in your coaching practice is only made stronger by... coaching, of course! We'll work through your roadblocks together as a community of coaches.



Being a coach for teachers can feel isolating. Inside this community, you'll be working alongside other coaches who get it.

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Teachers can't be highly-effective when they're in survival mode.

It was hard enough to get even the most resistant teachers to open up to coaching before.

Now it feels utterly impossible.

How can you help teachers improve their craft (so they can impact students who need them now more than ever) when they're yelling for a life raft?

Let's take a look at what's in your core training

(The Whole Educator Approach)

Step 1: Differentiate Levels of Willingness

Distinguish the different “levels” your teachers are on as diverse learners, and identify strategies that would support those various levels.  This gives you a sense of agency in their ability to impact all teachers, no matter your teachers’ willingness to embrace challenge and change.

Step 2: Build Trust

We will break down the building blocks that make up trust as well as the behaviors and ways of being that build trust.  You will learn course-specific powerful communication tools that build trust and can be immediately embedded within the job.

Step 3: Identify Mindsets and Limiting Beliefs

One of the keys to unlocking impact is to understand and recognize Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset, and what it looks like in adults.  You will learn strategies on how to support and grow adult Growth Mindsets one on one as well as support a Growth Mindset culture.



Step 4: Unpack Complaints

You will learn how useful complaints are!  We “unpack” the complaints together and practice getting empowered and action-oriented around the complaints.  There is an important distinction made between being empowered and toxic positivity.  You will build on the mindset work and deepen your mindset-shifting practices.

Step 5: Intentionally Address Teacher Needs

Dig into my signature coaching model, called the SUSS It Out Model.  This can be used in one-one-one coaching scenarios or in conversations with school leadership around shifting school culture.  Using the model, you will “drill down” to uncover the source of undesirable teacher behaviors.  

Step 6: Clarify Priorities and Take Focused Action

Continue looking deeply into your beliefs, mindsets and priorities.  Uncover how your beliefs and commitments fit into the context of the school’s priorities.  Sometimes, district-led initiatives can feel thwarting to a coach’s intentions and priorities. Here, you will learn strategies that empower you in all contexts, including reconciling their school/district priorities with your own.


Take a Tour of the Membership

You can be the courageous leader you were meant to be. 

  • You can help teachers navigate these times and who empowers every teacher to make an impact when it matters most.
  • You can master a transformative coaching method that allows you to fully support teachers even during the most challenging circumstances.
  • You can restore confidence, lighten the pressure, and help your teachers fall back in love with teaching so they stay in the profession.

Hear me out...

You've been studying the instructional design research, the curriculum, and the latest methodology. But have you been studying your coaching practice?

We expect our teachers to approach their practice with curiosity and reflection, but we don't always approach our own methods that way.

Look, I get it. You were an incredible teacher to your students, you were ambitious, innovative and effective. It should be easy to translate that to help other teachers do the same, right?


Coaching isn't easy. It doesn't come naturally. And just like with teaching, there are research-based methods that make some coaches more effective than others.

You need a process for coaching that allows you to fully step into your role and discover ways to engage and connect with every single teacher, transforming your school into a place where coaching and improving teaching practice and embracing change are part of the norm.

You need a supportive community of coaches who understand what it's like to serve in this capacity, and can reflect with you in meaningful ways.

You and I both know you have it in you to lead your school, even when faced with the most difficult challenges.

It's time to make the impact you were meant to make.

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Imagine if...

  • You had a clear, research-based method for your coaching that helped you reach every teacher in your school.
  • You had all the support you needed to reflect when faced with the unavoidable challenges that come with your role.
  • You had a place to connect with other educators who coach teachers so you could share with people who get it.



What does The Whole Educator Approach look like?

Traditional Coaches:

  • The coach has resigned to the fact that some teachers will embrace change naturally, some will be hesitant, and others will downright refuse to change. The coach doesn't see their work as a solution to this problem.
  • Teachers are afraid to take risks and tend to stick to what's familiar for fear of being judged or criticized. 
  • The coach spends the majority of the time in the office, researching and organizing. 
  • The coach is more comfortable in some classrooms than in others, and spends the majority of the time observing and taking notes.
  • When the coach leads a training, teachers are glancing at their phones or watching the clock. They're attending the training because they're required to do so. Implementation is hit or miss.
  • Some teachers may benefit from the coaching if they take advantage of it... but not every teacher does.

Whole Educator Coaches:

  • Every teacher embraces new changes because they know their coach will consider and attend to their needs as they work to implement change.
  • Every teacher feels safe to try new things because they know they are fully supported on the journey to improve their practice.
  • The coach is in and out of classrooms throughout the day, welcomed (and even sought out) by teachers who are actively working to implement, reflect, and share.
  • The coach intentionally builds relationships with every teacher to gain a more clear understanding of their individual strengths and needs.
  • When the Whole Educator Coach leads a training, teachers pay attention. They ask meaningful questions. You can see the wheels turning! Even the most resistant teacher can't help but be excited.
  • Every single teacher benefits from the coaching.
I'm Ready to Empower Every Teacher

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What happens each month?


#1- Monthly live training sessions with Becca

Tune in every month to get a quick, actionable training on strategies you can use with your teachers the very next day. The first 30 minutes will be a recorded training, and the second 30 minutes will be a hot seat call where you can bring your struggles and get coaching in an intimate setting.

#2- Monthly Printable Reference Guide

Each month, we'll focus on a theme related to coaching. You'll be supported with a printable guide to add to your coaching toolkit that includes:

  • A quick reference sheet on the theme
  • Coaching sentence stems
  • Language shifts

#3- Coaches' Challenge

I'll challenge you to take your coaching to the next level with a quick, monthly challenge.

Monthly Content Themes Include...

  • Encouraging reluctant teachers to engage in coaching
  • How to work with the big feelings of teachers
  • Empowering burning out teachers
  • Building teacher engagement (and not just compliance)
  • Overcoming resistant behaviors
  • Replacing toxic positivity with authentic communication that addresses the real issues
  • How to communicate so your teachers will listen
  • The 3 skills every coach must have
  • Ways that you are unknowingly weakening your coaching practice



Here's What Coaches Are Saying...


"Teachers are now reaching out more for help. I have brand new teachers now asking for help with lesson planning. On our recent virtual work day, I had teachers asking, 'Can you jump into our planning sessions and help us?' They’re reaching out now for more resources and information on things I’ve discussed with them. The teachers are more open to talk freely.'" 


"I feel empowered to speak my truth in a different way. This program has given me a different vocabulary to be very direct. Since starting the program, I was given autonomy to organize and lead an important staff PD because I was adamant about addressing the issues that needed addressing. I’ve made it clear where I stand and I took action. I identified other teacher leaders and started treating them that way. Teachers have started speaking up to help make things better in the school."

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The Community built with intention to support determined coaches like you.

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Monthly Member


Monthly Payment

  • The Whole Educator Coach training videos
  • Monthly live training and coaching session
  • Monthly printable Coaches' Guide (based on the theme of the month)
  • Monthly Coaches' Challenge

Annual Member


Annual Payment

  • The Whole Educator Coach training videos
  • Monthly live training and coaching session
  • Monthly printable Coaches' Guide (based on the theme of the month)
  • Monthly Coaches' Challenge
  • BONUS: 2 months free!




Come on in and give it a try!

I'm so confident that this program will transform your coaching and help you make the impact you were meant to make, that I'm giving you the ability to join for just $37 and cancel anytime, as long as you notify us by your next billing period.

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